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Iron ore market shocks strongly (6.17-6.21)
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 Trend Prediction: This week's high mine price shocks. The general index is 115 high. Whether it is internal or external minerals, resources are tight, but the price of minerals has always been on the high side. However, in the later period when environmental protection is prevalent, attention should also be paid to the possible impact of environmental protection scale on mineral prices. It is expected that the price fluctuation will be strong next week.

Imported Mines: This week, the high level of mining shocks outside. Rio Tinto's downward adjustment combined with Brazil's output gap led to a shortage of supply and demand for seaborne and port mines, and the price of the mine rises. Tangshan's environmental protection management and control has been strengthened, although affecting the consumption of sintering, but the resource shortage is difficult to weaken substantially. It is expected that next week's general index high shocks.

Domestic Mine: Powder is running stronger this week. At present, the performance-price ratio of domestic powder still has certain advantages, and the market resources have been in a tight state, so the mine price is strong, but it is worth noting that the scale of environmental protection in the later period may have an impact on the mine price. It is expected that the domestic mine market will be strong next week.
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