• 2017-01-09>  Steel Market News on 9th,Jan 2017

    【News】 ● ore: the main condition of iron ore is weak stability on the 8th. Platts index, the Platts index on Friday fell 0.4 US dollars, 62% now Platts index 77.55 US dollars.On weekend, downstream market stocks increased with the billet down 50, steel mills...,...[more]
  • 2017-01-03>  Weekly Steel

    This week, the overall performance of the domestic steel market shows weaker and a little decreasing. Among them, the thread fell more than 4%, wire rod, profile fell more than 3%, plate, narrow band, welded pipe fell more than 2%, hot coil, seamless tube or...,...[more]
  • 2016-12-26>  Keep Rational for Producing Reduction

    Iron and steel is the most widely used structural materials and important functional materials, for a country's industrial development and economic development, it has an irreplaceable important role. Recalling the development of Europe, the United States, Jap...,...[more]
  • 2016-12-19>  19th Steel

    [Today's forecast] ● Building materials: finished products traded at the weekend were relatively light, the price fell around 20-80, billet prices are also under lower pressure, below 3000 Yuan, the market confidence in the snail was frustrated, the price act...,...[more]
  • 2016-12-12>  Steel Milles Start Increasing Again!Might maintain a higher level These Period.

    Steel demand with the arrival of the winter continued to weaken, but steel prices in the last two days began a nearly Shanxi leading steel mills up 50 yuan / ton. Tangshan Handan and other wire companies rose more than a single day, Shandong, Tangshan and oth...,...[more]
  • 2016-12-06>  "Emotional" Steel

    At present, the futures market has now become the benchmark for the spot market, while under the influence of reducing production capacity and environmental policies, steel prices increasingly shape reversal The steel billet cost has been in the profit and lo...,...[more]
  • 2016-11-30>  Attentions:Doha Terminal will be Closed on 1st,Dec

    Doha terminal will be closed and new port Hamad will be instead of, Please find below new arrangement for cargoes destined for Doha :Hamad port: New port ( DOH02)2016.,...[more]
  • 2016-11-24>  24th Steel Market Forecast

    [Today's forecast] ● Building materials: 23 th,National deformed steel bar price continued to rise. business mentality becomes better, the market low prices are gradually rare, the majority of prices continued to rise. and now in the end of Nov,getting colder...,...[more]
  • 2016-11-16>  Steel Price Begin Going Down!

    The domestic building materials market enter the weak decreasing adjustment, the mainstream decline in 10-50 yuan / ton. With the price of Friday night, a comprehensive callback start, coupled with today's full price limit down, a serious blow to the mentality...,...[more]
  • 2016-11-10>  Be Careful of So High Prices

    The domestic steel market continues to go higher, but compared to the steel market during the capital market surge performance, the overall spot steel market relatively flat amplitude, with the exception of a small area still showing a hundred dollars higher, ...,...[more]
  • 2016-11-04>  Steel Market Forecast in November

    1. A substantial increase in ex-factory price Recently, the coal, coal stirred the entire steel market, support from the cost side is one of the main reasons to promote the rise of steel prices, it is reported that the cost of coke is about 30% of the cost of...,...[more]
  • 2016-10-27>  Focusing on Reducing Productions in the forth Quarter

    In accordance with the NDRC's plan, in October, November will usher in the peak production capacity, but with coal, steel volume and price go together, to the production task will be more difficult.A number of central enterprises clear objectivesIn the supply-...,...[more]
  • 2016-10-21>  Bv Inspections For Central Africa Clients

  • 2016-10-15>  The 120th Canton Fair was Opened today, Welcome to Visit our Booth!

    Since it was created in 1957, the Canton Fair held twice a year in spring and autumn,60 years of uninterrupted, is China's longest, largest, including most types of merchandise, thare are the most merchants, and is the best results Comprehensive international ...,...[more]
  • 2016-10-10>  Weekly Stock

    After the National Day holiday, the total social stock of steel increased by 2.9% to 9.935 million tons, down 2.9% than the week before the holiday. Of which 1.468 million tons of thread by 6.1%; wire 113.3 million tons by 5%; hot rolled 2.17 million tons by 6...,...[more]
  • 2016-09-28>  Pre - holiday Steel Forecast

    After experiencing rapid hiking on steel prices, the domestic finished material market prices fell down in a fast speed. Tangshan billet prices in just two days down 60-70 yuan, Beijing and Tianjin rebar offer, Jinhu hot-rolled coil and Handan and Wuan in the ...,...[more]
  • 2016-09-21>  New Regulation on Steel Freight has been Published!

    We learned from the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Transport Decree 62 (overloaded vehicles management regulations) has been implemented today, expecting that freight costs will rise. According to the new regulations:2 axle truck goods vehicles'gross weigh...,...[more]
  • 2016-09-12>  Global Sources Of Xinzheng is On Line today!

    Xinzheng Global Sources is on line today!Welcome to visit our web:,...[more]
  • 2016-09-02>  Baotou Iron and Steel Group Starts Dismantling of No.2 Blast Furnace

    On August 31th at 11 am, general manager of Baotou Iron and Steel Group announced the launch of dismantling Steel ironworks No. 2 blast furnace, 500 tons crane dropped a 50 tons tube slowly. As the biggest blast furnace dismantled since country's iron and stee...,...[more]
  • 2016-08-29>  Welcome our Dear Clients From Central Africa

    PROCESS:A.Officing talkingOn 26th Aug,we formally took our dear two Clients to visit our Xinzheng producing factory,along with managers Miss Patty and Mr Cui also the technicists and me,we had a very deep and pleasant buisiness discuss on the GI Corrugated she...,...[more]
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